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How Can Our Agency Help Your Business?

eCommerce Is Our Bread And Butter

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Paid Traffic Growth

Our team has over $15m of combined ad spend under their belt, so we know a thing or two about paid ads. Our team will be responsible for managing and overseeing the growth of your paid acquisition campaigns. We make sure that not a single cent goes to waste, and each dollar spent is working as efficiently as possible to bring $5-$10 with it! This includes testing, scaling, optimizing, and maintaining long-term growth for your brand. We will also help you expand into other platforms which we believe can help in the growth of your bottom line and brand overall.  

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Conversion Oriented

Our team has numerous years of experience in both paid ads, and conversion process analysis. It is our mission to audit, test, and measure the effectiveness of your landing page or funnel. This means diving deep into your offer, copywriting, angles, and conversion process as a whole to remove any and all friction between visitors becoming customers. What does this mean to you? Greater returns on your organic and paid traffic efforts! 

The Platforms We've Mastered











Take Your Brand's Advertising To The Next Level.

Our heavily-tested systems are proven to help eCommerce brands grow to become industry leading giants in the long-run!

Ramping Up Sales Is Not Rocket Science!

And It Can Be Profitably Achieved In 90 Days Or Less...

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Ecom Business

$1.4m Generated In 30 Days

This is a clothing brand that came to us after numerous failed attempts at trying to scale their ad spend. We restructured their offerings, optimized their funnel conversion rate, and implemented some upsells to make scaling their ad spend a breeze! 

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Ecom Business

$7.6m Generated In 90 Days

Our goals with each of our clients are custom-tailored to their needs and goals. For this client, their main goal was to double their revenue from the previous year's holiday season. It's safe to say we exceeded our client's expectations bringing in 2.65x! 

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Ecom Business

$600k Generated In 120 Days

This is a wellness brand that was still in its first phases of growth with an average of $40k/month revenue. Our team was able to quickly spot deficiencies within their current advertising that was wasting precious adspend. After optimizing their ads they haven't seen a month below $150k!

Our Results Create Long-Term Friendships

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

We've heard just about every horror story possible from our clients about their previous experiences with other agencies, and to be quite honest, it's sad. It's unfortunate that most agencies out there overpromise on the sales call, and then cannot perform when it comes to actual results. 

The fact of the matter is, this space is full of people outsourcing your accounts offshore to team members with fake credentials. We're here to destroy that facade, our team has tons of experience and millions of dollars in case studies to prove it. 

Therefore, we took this into consideration, and we've set a guarantee in place to make sure you have absolutely zero buyer's remorse working with us! Our current clients are one's we've had the pleasure to work with for over 10 - 16 months.

We are hyper-selective with which brands we choose to partner with, and therefore if we do not believe that we can actually generate much better results than what you are currently seeing, we simply won't even ask! 

Our Process To Results


Discovery Call

Schedule your free 30-minute meeting with Nizar Abdul-Halim, where we'll talk about your brand's logistics and goals to establish if moving forward is a great fit.


Strategy Session

During our second meeting, we'll dive into deeper detail about our team culture, the exact deliverables our team is responsible for and the expectations we have for our clients.


Onboarding Meeting

If confirmed either during our Strategy Session or scheduled on a future date, you'll then be onboarded into our agency, so we can begin collaborating to help your business become the industry giant it deserves.


7-Day Brand Analysis

Once onboarded, our team will spend 7 days looking into the backend processes of your brand, setting goal KPI's, analyzing your sales funnel, optimizing where necessary, writing 4-8 variations of new ad copy, as well as diving deep into finding who your ideal customer is, and where exactly do they lie amongst the platforms. You will receive a detailed plan as to why we do what we do, and exactly how we will implement it!


Hit The Ground Running

After the initial 7 days, we are ready to kick things off and launch your new optimized ads! Yes you heard that right... no more waiting 2-3 weeks to get fully onboarded and see results. We are extremely focused on performance, and work as efficiently as possible to maximize ROI and minimize any potential loss!


Aggressive Reporting

Throughout the process of working with us, clients are always amazed by the level of detail we uphold when it comes to reporting. We are proud to say that with our effective reporting systems, we can almost predict the performance over time. This is through daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting. Every dollar generated, and every cent spent! Our team is focused ruthlessly on your bottom line, and is always looking for ways to increase profitability.

Take Your Brand's Advertising To The Next Level.

Our heavily-tested systems are proven to help eCommerce brands grow to become industry leading giants in the long-run!

What Our Clients Say About Us!

Ryan Siah, CEO

Nizar and Simpli Scaled have been a wonderful team to work with. They helped to set up our ads optimization operations in a blink of an eye and were always extremely accommodating in any requests. What I enjoyed most about Simpli Scaled was that they not only helped us with our ads optimization but took the time to hear our opinions and even teach us about the process! Truly a valuable experience and would recommend working with them 10/10!

Jonathan Mui, CEO

Nizar and his team at Simpli Scaled were extremely friendly and professional. They took great care to explain the process to me, and made sure I had access to data at all times and were available to explain what the data meant. They were always transparent, and made good recommendations to help improve profitability

Mike O'Brian, CEO

Working with the team over at Simpli Scaled was an absolute blast. Nizar guided us through growing our following, building a solid brand, and pushed us to scale to numbers we weren't even expecting this year! Would definitely recommend  for any ecom brands looking for a legit growth partner!

About Our Founder

Nizar is an expert in eCommerce and marketing, he started his career dropshipping where he managed to scale multiple Shopify stores of his past the 7-figure mark in a matter of a few months, all through paid traffic. He then sold one of them and closed down the other two to focus on his true passion, marketing.

Fast forward a couple of years, he spends his time helping other eCommerce brand owners experience the same level of growth, scale, and success that he did with the help of his heavily experienced team.

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Nizar Abdul-Halim

Some More Results.

Yeah... There's More

60 k 30 days

Ecom Business

$18k => $60k In 30 Days

This is a case study from an active client of ours right now in March 2022. They are a clothing brand that are niched down into a somewhat odd audience. We managed to locate that audience for them and target them effectively bringing them to 5x their previous monthly revenue.

4k a day.png

Ecom Business

From $3k/Month To $4k/Day

Having troubles scaling? That was the same issue this client was having with their innovative eComm startup. We took our in-house approach to their drawing board, restructured their strategy, and turned their monthly revenue into their average daily!

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Ecom Business

$600k Generated In 8 Months

From generating $250k in the entire year of 2020, to now generating $1m in 2021, this client had tried everything but nothing would convert. We took their offer, re-worked it, optimized their landing pages, and viola! Maintaining $100k per month is no longer an issue for them, but a benchmark!

Take Your Brand's Advertising To The Next Level.

Our heavily-tested systems are proven to help eCommerce brands grow to become industry leading giants in the long-run!

Join The 1% Of eComm Brands That Actually Grow Month-On-Month 

35k 1 month

$11k => $35.5K
In 1 Month

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$213k => $650k+
In 90 Days

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$32m Generated In 2 Years

Featured In The Free Case Study Video Above

Our Values

Forward Thinking.

Our team is constantly trying, implementing, and learning new strategies to generate better results for our clients. We stay at the forefront of everything paid ads!


Our team is reporting progress and results daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. This makes it insanely easy to showcase month-on-month growth and overall success!

Revenue Sucks

Our team is ruthlessly focused on our client's bottom line. Revenue is a vanity figure that quite honestly does not mean much, and we know that. Healthy margins are cool!

Budget Oriented

Our team applies strategic capital allocations to our client's budgets, to ensure that there is not a penny going to waste. Every dollar spent needs to bring back some friends!


Our team analyzes every aspect of our client's customer journey, and is continuously looking for ways to better optimize and increase conversion rates for better results!


We have no interest in having 100+ active clients on a monthly basis, however, we focus on strategically partnering with select eCom Brands we believe we can genuinely help!

Who Our Services Are Built For

  • Founders who feel as though they're plateauing and can't break through those seemingly impossible ceilings.

  • Founders who aren't experiencing a healthy monthly increase in revenue year-round.

  • Founders that are tired of working with agencies that promise the world and deliver poor results.

  • F​ounders that want proven marketing and sales strategies applied into their paid traffic funnel.

  • Founders who are deeply seeking to become the industry leader and enter into a league of their own amongst their competition.


Sound Like You?

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