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4 Ways To Triple Your Google Ads CTR.

The most common setback when creating and utilizing Google Ads is that sometimes you will end up having a high pay-per-click rate (PPC), while a relatively slow click-through rate (CTR). This leads to advertisers having a high cost per acquisition on each product they sell through google ads.

In any situation, with a high PPC or a low PPC, the ultimate goal is to have a high click-through rate, which means higher traffic to your website, leads, and ultimately higher sales numbers.

In this post, we will discuss the most effective ways to increase your click-through rates, while also keeping your pay-per-click rate relatively low in comparison.

1. Utilizing Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to utilize all the tools given to you. Using this set of tools, you can showcase additional information, services, features, and more details regarding your website, allowing you to take your advertisements to the next level.

Google offers a vast library of ad extensions, giving the user opportunities to add reviews, contact, details, or even price extensions. These ad extensions have the ability to make an ad copy appear bigger, catching a viewer's eye.

With these extensions, an ad can also provide more information, potentially making your ad appeal to your target audience more accurately. When an advertisement connects better to a viewer, the chance of the advertisement is clicked on increases significantly.

An extension that is often used is structured snippet extensions. These specific extensions show information below the ad, which can be anything the user chooses.

Some common headers that are included with a structured snippet can highlight models, brands, styles, types, etc.

2. Use Negative Keywords

Creating google ads requires you to use keywords, ensuring that your advertisement reaches potential customers rather than random people.

For example, if you're selling a car product, use keywords that relate to cars and/or your specific product. If you're selling polish, using the keywords scratches or shine can help your ad reach the people searching for those words.

On the other hand, negative keywords have a similar effect. Negative keywords stop advertisers from wasting ad spend on irrelevant searches. The result of these negative keywords allows for your ads to reach a specific target audience, rather than showing up on random searches.

The use of these keywords, positive and negative, increase your CTR, which is the percentage of searches who viewed and clicked on your ad. When creating negative keywords, use terms that aren't relevant to your business, so the irrelevant searches are filtered out.

3. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience may seem obvious, although, this also includes knowing your competition. Knowing what approach to take means you must see what your competition is saying in their ads. Include your brand's tone in the ads; don't make your ads sound plain and boring. Include a tone that will relate to your target audience.

Focus on your audience's search intent, some people may be searching for a product for unconventional uses, while others will be searching for the uses highlighted in your ad. When you're initially writing the ad, focus on a target group and make the copy that appeals to the audience's search intent, while also advertising your product to them.

Your primary focus should be around your audience, revolving your ads around them, and keeping your advertisements fresh and directly related to their needs.

Focusing on your audience and making an ad that correlates to their Direct needs will increase click-through rates and ultimately increase traffic to your website

4. Bid Higher And Keep Testing

All these strategies are useful, although maybe you've tried them all and still have a low CTR. There are a few ways to help this.

First, check your search impression share and your ads page position. A clear indicator that your ads aren't reaching audiences is if they aren't showing in the top three results on page one. This basically means you're losing too much to the competition. Increase your bid. This can help your ads get to a better position, ultimately allowing you to have better impressions and clicks.

The main rule to follow when doing any type of paid traffic ad is to keep testing to improve the CTR. Since these types of ads are pay-per-click, not having any clicks on a test ad will not break your pockets, only show you what does not work.

When testing new types of ads, don't be afraid to change copy, headline, URL paths, etc. the testing stage of ads should be highlighting new ways to do each of these things.

The strategies highlighted in this article will improve the click-through rate for your google ads while keeping the pay-per-click costs relatively low in comparison. When these tools are implemented correctly into your advertisements, the traffic to your website can increase significantly and bring you the most value possible per ad.

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