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How to Spawn Leads Using Paid Media

Updated: May 4, 2022

Growing website traffic by paying for it, or even growing it organically seems a bit pointless/ Often, potential customers will visit your website, browse for a bit, then disappear.

They may even consider buying something, but then go online to browse other options and never return.

The solution for this? Capturing these people’s contact details which you can use to drive them into your marketing funnel and transform them into loyal customers.

In the grand scheme of things, it can take months before you're able to drive traffic to your website with your marketing efforts, and then another few to generate the first quality leads.

Building organic traffic is crucial for your long-term marketing strategies, yes, but paid media is the best way to ultimately gain traction and push those sales through the roof.

This blog will cover five techniques to use that will help you achieve well-crafted and effective paid campaigns.

Understanding Your Overall Business Goals.

One of the main elements of success is clearly defined goals. To generate quality leads you must understand how a marketing campaign will boost your business closer to a goal, which is a conversion.

Maintaining a clear idea of why you need leads, and how you're going to nurture them will allow you to create more specific ad campaigns.

Some questions to ask yourself when pondering lead magnets are as follows:

  • Why do I need leads?

  • How does this campaign align with the goals of the business?

  • What information from the sales team can I use to boost lead generation?

  • What steps can I take to turn these leads into customers?

Answering these questions will allow you to point your business in the right direction when it comes to building a successful campaign.

Set S.M.A.R.T Goals

What are SMART goals you may ask? SMART goals are goals that allow you to separate each specific goal into select categories.

Instead of setting abstract goals for yourself. Be specific to each small ‘mini’ goal that exists.

Usage of the SMART acronym helps with this

S- Specific. What is the aim?

M- Measurable. How many leads do you need?

A- Achievable. Is this number realistic?

R- Relevant. Does this goal contribute effectively to your business growth?

T- Time. When should this be completed?

Each part of the acronym describes part of your campaign objective. Every time you define what a new campaign's goals will be, set SMART goals and use this acronym to ensure that you’re specific enough in what you need to accomplish.

Define Your Target Audience

Gaining qualified leads and promoting an effective lead magnet is great, yes, but it isn't enough. If the content of your campaign appeals to a broad audience, the leads you get will have no value to your business as the demographics will be too scattered.

Avoiding this requires a clear understanding of who is interesting in your products, the parameters you should be taking into account are:

  • Age

  • Geographic location

  • Gender

  • Interests

  • Behavior

Specify each campaign to focus on different segments of your target market. You may also need to test how specific content performs for different audiences. This means trying out how one piece of content works in each audience and then finding segments that prove to be the best for each type of campaign.

Along with this, specify different types of ads based on the demographic as well as where people are in the buyer journey. Make your ads specific to the target audience and test different campaigns to see which works best depending on these elements.

Create Lead Magnets

As we discussed above, creating leads encourages people to be more interactive with your content. The best lead magnets depend on your brand and what your business offers, however, some lead magnets that have proven to be effective are as follows:


Reports that contain infographics are extremely popular among business-to-business companies. It essentially pulls the data from a bunch of different sources into one file.


Ebooks and long-form guides are great ways to get leads and drive people down the funnel by educating them

Events (virtual)

Webinars, conference calls, live streams, and other events are excellent ways to bring high-quality leads and also contribute to the reputation of your brand.


Creating an outline for things helps users and potential customers get more familiar with your brand and then in turn are also more interactive with it.

Don’t Stick With a Cluttered Landing Page

Let's take a look at landing pages and the importance of an effective one. The main reason for captivating ads and images to complete them is to bring people to your landing page.

Your landing page is one of the most essential parts of digital marketing, if it is hard to navigate and cluttered, most people will click away. Visitors won’t have ease figuring out when your offer is if it's not clear right away.

If people reach your landing page and are then directed to 6 different websites and a video, they'll likely become uninterested and confused as to where they should go next.

Some proven techniques to improve your landing page conversion rate is below:

  • Place the title before your header image

  • Your landing page should include multiple eye-catching section headers

  • Use a white background and black text on the page

  • Make sure any in-line links open in a new tab

  • Always match your landing page headline with the title of the ad

Yes, creativity matters when it comes to a landing page, but a functional one should be more of a priority. Create at least a few different versions of the landing page to promote your lead magnets. Multiple more specific landing pages may prove to be better than a single one trying to include everything.

Creating leads and optimizing your ad potential will prove to be a necessary adjustment that your business needs. Using demographics to your advantage and following the goals of your business will take the lead magnets much more effective.

Throw in a great landing page, and your conversion rates will be through the roof.

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