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Your Ads Should Cater To Your Customers Needs

Updated: May 4, 2022

When it comes to running Facebook Ad campaigns, the return on investments factor is a bit difficult to max out on.

While running a single ad campaign isn't very difficult, running multiple at once is; This collaboration of campaigns will push your advertisements to have the best return on investment possible (ROI).

Some ads are good for driving attention, while others will generate leads, but then this creates a problem; images that will work well for one ad, may not work as well for another. This applies to demographics as well.

This then also reflects on the copy and ad placements, if you have to change an image, you'll likely have to alter the copy and ad placement as well, to fit your different ads and target demographics. Without this, your high ROI ad creative on one campaign may completely fail on another.

Use a Credible and Recognizable Image in Your Copy.

That brings us to the question -- how do you prevent this and increase your ROI across all campaigns? In this article, we will be discussing some creative ad tips to help you max out your ROI across all campaigns.

Use a recognizable and credible image.

In the world today, and especially in online marketing, the reading is at a minimum. Although the copy may be attention-grabbing and naturally brilliant, the real attention grabber is the image.

Most customers will solely focus on the image at first glance, and may not even notice there's text until a second after. This is because on average it only takes roughly 13 milliseconds to process an image, while the text will take slightly longer to read.

For this reason, Facebook actually added a hard 20% rule. This means that years ago if you created a new ad, Facebook would have immediately rejected it if 20% or more of the ad was covered with text. In more recent years though, Facebook has slightly loosened this rule.

The statement remains though, ads with more text than image tend to be less effective.

One trick you can try that will help you avoid text-heavy images is to piggyback off of other brands. Adding text to your images is almost like cheating, this will mean you're able to add more context and use more attention-grabbing words.

These small additions help people better understand the images, even if the images are rather weak. On the other hand, if you choose to use images with no words, the image has to do all the talking for you. A way to get rid of this problem is to use images that are already instantly recognizable and widely known. Using an image that people already know means that you can reach a wider audience, and seem more credible at the same time.

Another suggestion to enhance this, even more, is to use real images rather than stock images. Statistically, real images had a much higher impact on conversions than stock images. The problem with stock images you may ask is the lack of emotions in them. People don't feel as if they have a connection to the image, and prefer something more realistic.

Give The Right People The Right Offers At the Right Time.

You may how your copy looks and the small details of it make or break your conversion rates. Although the small details, like the color of the buttons or the headline specifics, may make a difference, in the long run, the biggest impacts come from your audience and offer fit.

When it comes to Facebook ads, customers can be broken up into three groups of people.

The first group is the people at the top of the funnel, this group includes people who don't know who you are or why they need your product.

The next group is in the middle of the funnel. This includes people who are aware of the brand and are looking for help from different options.

Lastly, at the bottom of the funnel; This group of people is ready to invest their time to learn about the product and how it fulfills their needs and the price.

Now that we've identified these groups, your next focus should be to make an offer for each one of these groups. The goal with all these groups is to make an offer specific to what they want and know about your product.

Let's start with the top of the funnel; a good way to catch these people's attention would be to show them something they haven't seen, along with why they may need your product. The goal is to stand out and show them the importance of your product. This fact carries over as well into the next section of the funnel.

To gain the attention of the middle group, your product must stand out and show the customer that you are offering something with more value than your competitors. When focusing on the last group in the funnel, the bottom, show your customers that your product is different, not that it can be different. Show the customers that this is what they're looking for and that it meets all the requirements of a great product. Explain to your customers how it will serve them and the specific components of it.

Put The Right Ad in the Right Place.

When it comes to Facebook ads, there are three main placement types you can do. These include desktop news feeds, right-hand columns, and mobile news feeds. Each of these has its own pros and cons. For example, mobile news feeds help to raise awareness, but do not drive a sale, as most people would rather purchase something on their laptop than a tiny phone screen.

Next, the right column placement appeals to people who already recognize your brand and will notice it when they see it mentioned. The right column placement is small, this means that it will often get overlooked and ignored. The main goal is to create ads for that small space that will simply catch existing customers' attention.

Finally, desktop news feed ads. These tend to be the most popular ad placement options. The only setback is that they are more expensive than the other options. Although the extra cost may turn some users away, this is still the most effective placement and is worth every penny.

This specific placement proves to be most effective when you're ready to start driving conversions. Using this placement properly to reel in new customers is seen to equate to a better ROI.

All the strategies above will significantly boost your return on investment with Facebook ads. These creative strategies give a more broad view of how and what to you with your Facebook ads and what makes them specifically appeal to customers.

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